Providing infrastructure solutions for the natural gas industry

Natural Gas Distribution, Service, Construction, HDD & Maintenance

Complete turnkey below and above ground services from distribution mains to burner tip!


  • Above ground DOT and PSC compliance programs including remediation options

  • Below ground DOT and PSC compliance, maintenance and replacement programs, including Horizontal Directional Drilling, Utility Trench Excavation and Construction Services
  • New business and customer addition programs in support of capital growth
  • Solutions to business challenges around utility conflicts, relocations, pressure improvements, and remediation projects.
  • Corrosion Surveys, Gas leaks surveys and remediation, including leak repair and emergency response
  • Meter exchanges, replacements and service transfers of gas meters of all sizes including residential, commercial and industrial meters.
  • New construction above and below ground fuel gas piping
  • Regulator sizing, design, replacements, rebuilds and maintenance
  • Engineering design and permitting services for main extensions, service renewals, regulator and tap stations and building fuel gas piping.
  • Residential and Commercial Appliance Sales, installations, maintenance and repair, including Gas Heat Pumps, Combined Heat Power, Standby Generators, Pool Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters and much more