Providing infrastructure solutions for the natural gas industry

Natural Gas Distribution, Service, Construction, HDD & Maintenance

At All About Gas safety is a philosophy that premeates our entire organization.  Every employee participates in extensive ongoing safety training programs with regular refresher courses and recertification.  Outstanding individual and team safety excellence are recognized on a quarterly basis.  Annual bonuses are awarded for outstanding safety awareness and activities.  We strive to create the safest working environment on every job.  Daily on-site briefings by the site foreman focus on general safety practices as well as specific jobsite situations.  All About Gas has an extensive training program consisting of classroom and hands on instruction.  Our team is highly experienced in completing your crossings.  We have a staff of registered professional engineers/designers along with extensive operator qualification compliance and we promote high standards and advancement of HDD.

Changing regulations and environmental concerns are a challenge to pipeline, communication and utility companies who install and maintain pipelines, cables and conduits.  All About Gas meets and exceeds these challenges with our background in horizontal directional drilling, pipe engineering, construction capabilities, Natural Gas, Facility installation and maintenance.

Providing expert options for today's ever changing utility installation requirements!

Continually refining new ways of training our workforce, introducing innovative processes and enforcing a safety culture that promotes a safe workplace.