Benefits of Natural Gas 

Home, businesses and industrial projects that include natural gas are in more demand by buyers.  Whether your projects feature starter homes or upscale neighborhoods, office parks or office buildings, factories or malls, we can show you how natural gas can make your building or development project a better choice for buyers.

Why Choose Natural Gas for Your Projects? 

Your customers want the reliability, safety and environmental benefits of natural gas.  It's abundant, affordable and reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Reliable Supply:

  • Natural gas provides comfort and reliability - at a great price!
  • No matter the season or weather, natural gas is safe and reliable.
  • Using natural gas promotes energy independence:  North America has one of the largest domestic supplies of natural gas in the world.

Providing infrastructure solutions for the natural gas industry

Natural Gas Distribution, Service, Construction, HDD & Maintenance

Rebates available through your current gas provider.  For more information, visit Florida City Gas  or TECO Peoples Gas.